What is Eleckase?

Eléckasë is a relatively barbaric fantasy medieval world (reference is made to 5th century France but there are later elements such as guilds or large armor), marked by perfidy and treachery, where 13 races coexist but where it was humans who built kingdoms and empires, following a series of conflicts, the Armageddon, from which emerged the current era marked by magic.

The game system requires 4,6,8,10,12,20 and 30 sided dice and uses different dice rolls to add to the scores on the character sheet, or percentages to roll below the score changed by difficulty. Strongly marked by dungeons and dragons, Eléckasë tries to bring an advantage: more races, more character classes, more skills, more kinds of magic, more spells.

Our ambition is excessive, our energy too!

Join our team and participate (at your own pace) in the creation of a whole new genre of video game. A game in which everyone will really have a role!