The Test Campaign

Hello everyone,

We have just put on our test environment a big update impacting about 90% of the modules. Before putting all this online, we would like with Xys to carry out a serious and in-depth test campaign. Too often we have had unpleasant surprises.
We are therefore looking for volunteers to help us out.

It is an easy and fast job (less than half an hour per week). We will share the modules (objects, batches of objects, common NPCs, special NPCs, generic parts …) and it will suffice for each one to follow the indications recorded in a test notebook (ex: create an object, then validate it , then view it).

This is your opportunity to lend a hand at a lower cost, so do not hesitate to offer your services. Even those who follow us for information can volunteer. We need all the goodwill. To quickly talk about the update, here is some info:

  • in figures it gives 300 re-released files, 50 deleted files, more than 150 SQL commands to execute. – techno side we now use the Smarty template engine for the public part as well as for the game interface and the blog. Among the multiple benefits of this solution, it allows you to manage dedicated displays for mobile phones and for the visually impaired. By the way we took the opportunity to make an English version of the public part (if there are volunteers for translations elsewhere, don’t hesitate!)
  • on the database side, we simplified and reorganized the model in order to facilitate future developments.
  • finally on the functional side, we also tried to simplify things.
    However, there have also been some advances. Several bugs and improvements requested by Xys have been made and the PC file is on the right track. It remains to manage the card of the adventurer which is a little particular since we can choose the attributes, skills and knowledge of his choice.

We hope many of you will answer this call!
Thanks in advance.
Posted on 06/21/2011 by Xys