Table Top Roleplaying Games for Beginners


There is something magical about creating your world and constructing myths with your friends. It is part of human nature to think of an existence outside of our real world and to construct a life that is different and a lot more interesting than our own lives.

Roleplaying games (RPGs) allow you to do just that! They encourage your mind to wander, to construct, and to run new worlds with your own set of rules. You can create a doomed civilization or join the Coen-brothers in a heist. Or a non-human like a raccoon or a mouse in the Mouse Guard. Perhaps your taste is more apocalyptical and creating a disaster in Our Last Best Hope gets your juices flowing? You have the freedom to create characters and build stories around them and your crazy world!

What are Tabletop RPGs?

Tabletop RPGs are the best of two worlds: tabletop games and RPGs. This combination produces a game that encourages social interaction of players and integrates lots of problem-solving and story-telling skills. Not only are these games fun but the social interactions combat loneliness by stimulating your subcortical brain region and increasing your oxytocin levels, leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Why You Should Try Tabletop RPGs

  1. You’ll join an environment of camaraderie and socialize with other players. These games bring together people of various ages and backgrounds across a table to solve a problem and apply some practical skills.
  2. Inexpensive- you’ll require very little resources other than a sheet of paper, a rule set, dice, and some pencils.
  3. You’ll become more creative and grow your storytelling skills.
  4. You’ll have access to a large compilation of generic rule sets for creating games. These rule sets are suitable for any age or interest.
  5. Games such as Dungeons and Dragons expanded into the literary world and opened the way for authors such as R.A. Salvatore.

Top 5 Tabletop RPGs for Beginners

So, you’ve heard about tabletop RPGs and don’t know where to start? Worry not! Here is a roundup of the best 5 games that are easy to grasp and do not require a game master:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons: This is one of the best tabl
  2. etop RPGs to learn as a beginner. The starter set comes with a Master’s page, more than 1,000 characters, 42 dice, a drawstring pouch, paper figures, and blank sheets for your characters.
  3. Dread: Great for newbies who love horror and doom. To set up the game, you have to fill in the questionnaires on your characters’ preferences. A Jenga block tower is created and all players pull from this tower when they make decisions. A character dies when the tower collapses.
  4. Goblin Quest: Great for newbies who don’t mind being silly. You only need a pen, paper, dice (six-sided), and stupid voices. Your goblins don’t live for long so you’ll have to get as much glory as possible in your short-lived life.
  5. Quest: Custom-designed for beginners of all ages. The game comes with a starter book, a twenty-sided die, the starting adventure, and blank character sheets. Your spells will cause you to do fun things like reciting poems. Available for purchase from the official Adventure website.
  6. Fiasco: This is an improv game that combines role-playing and acting. A great start for newbies who loved movies like Two Smoking Barrels and Stock to test the water. There is no heroism. Just ordinary human characters caught up in an elaborate crime and facing lust, fear, and greed. 

Other fantastic games for newbies include Our Last Best Hope (apocalypse style like the Armageddon film), Cthulhu Dark (solving mysteries), The Warren (the goal is survival of your rabbits), and Icarus (intense, tragic stories on the fall of civilization),


Tips For New Beginners

  • Ensure that you have enough pieces for the games. You can print replacements from a 3D printer.
  • Keep lots of dice on hand.
  • Use graph paper or easel pads for drawing the maps.
  • Another trick is to capture the map’s layout using your phone camera at every session.
  • Use the game’s rulebook to fill out words and get options for new characters.
  • Game Masters are in charge. They can modify rules at will.
  • Plan your moves because combat is time-consuming.
  • There is no need to spend lots of hours creating a new character. RPG libraries contain lots of pre-generated characters for personalization.