Innumerable races populate the lands of Eleckasë. Some will probably be familiar to the player (human, elf, dwarf, orc), while he will discover others (morle, horpy, honyss, huruk, soranian,…). The playable races will be presented at the creation of the character, with an overview of their history, their customs and their specificities. This is to help you better interpret your character.

Playable breeds

Playable races will be voluntarily reduced at the start. We will first give access to humans, who represent almost 90% of the population within agglomerations. Thereafter, you will be able to interpret very diverse and sometimes completely original creatures such as the Huruk, the Honyss, the Soranian, the Horpy or the Bilou… so many peoples who will be described to you little by little in our encyclopedia.

Special breeds

Certain races with higher potential will only be accessible to experienced players, as a reward for their investment. It is about the quack, a being of pure magic, of the half-troll with the uncontrollable power, of the perron an outstanding swashbuckler, of the velid a winged humanoid or even of the black elf a mysterious and tormented being.

Unplayable breeds

The non-playable races are those which do not lend themselves to the build of the adventurer, by ideology, by manners or by nature.

It is the case of the orcs, lizard men and other creatures which their instinct pushes to live in autarky, apart from the affairs of the world. In addition, their very particular psychology would make them complicated to interpret in the long term.

Then there are the so-called “noble” races. Those who have inhabited the lands of Eléckasë for so long that they now prefer to pose as spectators and see humans struggling in the mire of their mediocre civilization. The best known are the dwarfs and the high elves.