Other World Details


Although omnipresent in the history of Eléckasë, it remains a source of mistrust for the masses. This is the reason why the mages gather in schools, towers and other sanctuaries, which they only leave in case of absolute necessity and if possible under good escort. Like nobility and religion, magic is one of the levers of power.

There are many different forms of magic. The most classic are those taught in magic schools. They are linked to an element (earth, air, water, fire), to a color or to less concrete aspects such as the magic of shadows, pure magic, that of the spirit or even that of symbols.

On the fringes of this teaching, strictly supervised, other uses of the magic potential are developed which are in many Eleckasëen. One thus finds shamans and alchemists exploiting the plants, the askalims engravers of runes and the sorcerers. Some even claim to be able to instill magic through simple tattoos or transmit it to objects.


Religion is naturally an integral part of the life of the people of Eléckasë. It codifies everyone’s actions, calls to order the lost and guides the virtuous. It is a major political force.

The three main cults are:

  • the Catholic Church worships a god of goodness, omniscient, and whose representative on Earth is the Pope. ,
  • The Cult of Misman is a deity dominating a pantheon of gods close to nature. ,
  • The Nordic religion is also based on a pantheon, but it is dominated by Odin and is based on the cult of strength, violence and orgiastic intoxication. ,

Certain movements of thought, coming from the highest spheres of society, see in the history of the world, the work of superior forces, of which all beings would be influenced.
These are entities that have been named:

  • the Law working for order and stability,
  • Chaos source of perpetual change and creation,
  • and Libra preaching moderation and reflection.

In this scheme, men of faith, engrained in their dogmas can be seen as servants of the Law, artists as actors of chaos and the wise as disciples of Libra.


The continent is fragmented into kingdoms forged over the centuries. Your character will benefit from knowledge relating to the region from which he comes. The encyclopedia will soon be updated to give you basic information on each of them.

All you need to know at the moment is that the game will start in the Young Alleux region, east of the continent. In the city of Anorien, one of the two main trading posts of Eléckasë. Its population is estimated to be close to a million people. Needless to say, this city never sleeps. Tirelessly animated by the comings and goings of caravans of merchants and adventurers in search of juicy contracts.

In the first version of the game it will not be possible to leave Anorien but we will do everything to get it fixed quickly. It will only be a question of time and energy to bring out one by one the important cities and places of the continent.