Other Great RPGs

What is role play?

The role-playing games are those games in which we have to take the role of a character to build a story and fulfill a goal.

Role-playing games are made for all kinds of people, where if we use our imagination, without a doubt, they become the most fun games.

If you are one of those people who enjoy role-playing games to the fullest, this is your place. Below we will show some of the best role-playing games:

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

This role-playing game of Star Wars, allows us to play with characters with any type of profile, you can choose between being a Jedi or you could also be a rebel who is in favor of the empire or just hunt rewards, in the confines of the galaxy everything is possible, in this game we can find classes such as hitmen, pirates, beings from the underworld and many more, making it a very special role-playing game.

Dragon age

This tabletop game inspired by the game is the best option to start in the world of pencil and paper, this game contains its own system and classes typical of the genre of fantasy as magicians, rogues, warriors, among others, to play using three six-sided dice with which you can devise incredible combat maneuvers if we draw at least two equal numbers. It is very fun to play and easy to understand.

The lord of the rings (CODA version)

The CODA system of the role-playing game of the Lord of the Rings is much simpler and best for characters that start on paper because it uses 6-sided dice, unlike its other version that uses a 100. The characters have bonuses, skills, and virtues similar to the D&D skills and also the game uses unrestricted classes allowing you to change classes during the game.

The call of Cthulhu

This role-playing game based on the universe of the famous horror author H.P. Lovecraft This game will take us to a universe of the 20s full of monsters and extraordinary beings. This game has no limit on players and it is more than anything to beat the odds and survive the darkness. Many say you are dead from the beginning.

Dungeons and Dragons

If there is a game that stands out above the others without a doubt it is Dungeons and Dragons, this is the most popular tabletop RPG of all. This is a game where war skills and witchcraft are very important and imagination rules above all. It is about a character that acts as a teacher, while the others follow their guidelines to be able to advance and win the game.

This game was created in the 70s, which today is very successful because of its playability, its incredible possibilities, and its atmosphere. It is currently in its 5th edition and is still the best seller.

Enjoying these role-playing games with your friends is a type of fun that you won’t find anywhere else.

With the tabletop RPGs you can be a troll, a dwarf or also an outlaw, you can enter an epic adventure, or simply kill orcs. When we talk about role-playing games, fun is guaranteed and the only limit is your imagination.