Is It Really Just a Legend?

Difficult to answer this question, however, I will tell you the story as I know it, the one that is most widespread on Eléckasë; is this the real thing? No one would be able to affirm this without falling into dishonor on not wanting to accept other versions than their own, but you are free to do as you see fit!

A new Champion is therefore born, here is little, and if it is naturally still too early to measure the effect on the precarious balance of the world in which we live, it is sleep and already futile to refute that future change is inevitable.
Her mother, whose name is unknown, would be a signet of Kraan, she would be one of the famous instructresses of this order and her reputation for gentleness in delicate iron hands would be only very far from reality.

As for his father, he would for many be Chaos himself!
Which is clearly impossible knowing who his mother is. No, the most likely is that his father is a follower of Chaos, and many leads lead us to a deeply evil mage, a hermit by nature, he remained close to an abyss whose name would be something like: “codeline” or “linedecode”.

What is perhaps the strangest with this young Champion is that even his name is already open to discussion. Antoine, seems to be the name that attracts the most votes, however another also very widespread is that of Pierrickinho!
Anyway, this Champion in the prime of life is going to have an extraordinary life, and let us not doubt that he will be deeply loved.

Xiva, official peddler of Bor d’o

ps: Any resemblance to facts of our reality is voluntary and assumed ;-)Posted 06/09/2011 by Xys