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Following an important update of the Eleckase encyclopedia (wiki), both in its technical aspect and for its content (additions and / or modifications of more than 400 pages, access control, improvement of the FAQ with a reserved part to GMs, revision of the home page as well as that reserved for the team), we take this opportunity to present you a little interest and the use that the player can make of the Eleckase encyclopedia During the game, the player wants to know more about a village called: Moulin de la roche. He can ask a question to a character he will have in front of him.
In the case of an NPC (non-player character), he will give him a relatively simple answer, however it will be another exploitable information (technically, this information presents in a base with on one side linked answers to the adventure and the other of a general nature permanently available; it is the “status” of the PC which allows him to answer a question specific to the adventure he is currently experiencing).
In the case of a character played by another player or by a GM, this one will naturally answer him what he wants.

The player, however, has another source of information, the Eleckase Encyclopedia.
If the desired information is accessible to him (for obvious reasons which it is useless to address here), he may at any time during the game, but also outside of the latter, have access to further information about this village.

We will naturally not say to the player: a ferocious dog is trapped in the basement of the large farm located north of the village!
However, he can learn more about the history of the village, its configuration or what do I know.
Thus, a greater knowledge of the world of Eléckasë will be acquired little by little by the player… or not, free to him 😉

Updates (by the way)

As we had five minutes and we wanted to change our minds, we just updated the encyclopedia (under dokuwiki) and the forum (under Phorum). Main advantage for our visitors, now the forum is in French.

For the rest we have to improve the template of the encyclopedia so that it sticks to the rest of the site. One more task on our long list! :)Posted on 07/17/2011 by Pierrick

Posted 19/07/2011 by Xys