3 options for RPG lovers who are growing tired of DnD

Friday rolls in and you are ready to forget about your life. The time where you are able to become someone else finally comes. You get to start a brand-new adventure. Something that’ll get you out of your routine.

Wait a minute, Dungeons and Dragons again? I enjoy RPG because it gets me out of my everyday life. I never wanted a second-hand routine I have to force myself into every Friday.

If you are sick and tired of DnD rules, lore, and the overall system, you are ready for a change. And it’s right on time because I have three great alternatives that’ll get you away from the usual DnD shenanigans.

1. Lady Luck does not like me and it’s starting to get mutual – No dice RPG.

Are you one of the unlucky few who don’t know that the die has more than one side? You keep rolling ones and failing everything you attempt? Then it’s time to take both die and luck out of the equation. Is it possible? Of course, it is! This is the land of RPG, everything is possible!

Let me introduce you to Dread.

Before you throw all dice out the window, you need to get something else. Something rather unusual. A Jenga set. I told you it was unusual. In this RPG, Jenga dictates what’s going to happen. And that’s not a good thing. Because Dread is all about tension, terror, and other terrible things.

The story will make your hands shake with fear, and you better control your pulse. Remember, there are no more dice involved. Instead, you’ll have to place one Jenga piece on top of another. If the Jenga tower falls, your character dies.

There’s no more luck involved, but you’ll need plenty of Jenga-stacking abilities here!

Learn more about Dread here.

2. Let’s get real! An RPG with no magic and no supernatural elements.

Some people hate magic-related elements in RPG because they keep getting roasted with fireballs. Other people, understandably, prefer to leave magic out of their RPG equation because of religious reasons. Either way, there’s an alternative for you!

Instead of magicians and fireballs, it’s time for robots and a whole lot of bullets. Introducing: Mobile Frame Zero.

This is the go-to option for anyone who loves war games, strategy, and is quick to think on their feet. Loving LEGOs is also a plus – you can build your own small army of robots – one that will soon take over the world!

While this might not seem based in reality, it’s 2020. Give it some time. It’s bound to be.

Learn more about Mobile Frame Zero here.

3. I’m tired of my life of luxury and I want the most mundane scenario you can find – A gas station RPG.

Are you Dan Bilzerian? Or some unknown millionaire who is sick and tired of having his every dream come true? Alright, man. I’ll just throw you inside this gas station. You’re Mr. Nobody now. Mop the floor.

That’s what Night Shift is all about. The mundane things in life. A graveyard shift in a gas station in the middle of nowhere. It’s been an hour since the last customer came in, so you might as well go outside and smoke a cigarette. You inhale the smoke and look up to the sky, wondering where did it all go wrong. And suddenly, what’s that noise? Is that a….?

You thought this was going to be mundane? Well, it’s about to get balls-to-the-walls. You’ll have to play the game to find out what happens, though.

Learn more about Night Shift here.