Other Great RPGs

What is role play?

The role-playing games are those games in which we have to take the role of a character to build a story and fulfill a goal.

Role-playing games are made for all kinds of people, where if we use our imagination, without a doubt, they become the most fun games.

If you are one of those people who enjoy role-playing games to the fullest, this is your place. Below we will show some of the best role-playing games:

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

This role-playing game of Star Wars, allows us to play with characters with any type of profile, you can choose between being a Jedi or you could also be a rebel who is in favor of the empire or just hunt rewards, in the confines of the galaxy everything is possible, in this game we can find classes such as hitmen, pirates, beings from the underworld and many more, making it a very special role-playing game.

Dragon age

This tabletop game inspired by the game is the best option to start in the world of pencil and paper, this game contains its own system and classes typical of the genre of fantasy as magicians, rogues, warriors, among others, to play using three six-sided dice with which you can devise incredible combat maneuvers if we draw at least two equal numbers. It is very fun to play and easy to understand.

The lord of the rings (CODA version)

The CODA system of the role-playing game of the Lord of the Rings is much simpler and best for characters that start on paper because it uses 6-sided dice, unlike its other version that uses a 100. The characters have bonuses, skills, and virtues similar to the D&D skills and also the game uses unrestricted classes allowing you to change classes during the game.

The call of Cthulhu

This role-playing game based on the universe of the famous horror author H.P. Lovecraft This game will take us to a universe of the 20s full of monsters and extraordinary beings. This game has no limit on players and it is more than anything to beat the odds and survive the darkness. Many say you are dead from the beginning.

Dungeons and Dragons

If there is a game that stands out above the others without a doubt it is Dungeons and Dragons, this is the most popular tabletop RPG of all. This is a game where war skills and witchcraft are very important and imagination rules above all. It is about a character that acts as a teacher, while the others follow their guidelines to be able to advance and win the game.

This game was created in the 70s, which today is very successful because of its playability, its incredible possibilities, and its atmosphere. It is currently in its 5th edition and is still the best seller.

Enjoying these role-playing games with your friends is a type of fun that you won’t find anywhere else.

With the tabletop RPGs you can be a troll, a dwarf or also an outlaw, you can enter an epic adventure, or simply kill orcs. When we talk about role-playing games, fun is guaranteed and the only limit is your imagination.


The Test Campaign

Hello everyone,

We have just put on our test environment a big update impacting about 90% of the modules. Before putting all this online, we would like with Xys to carry out a serious and in-depth test campaign. Too often we have had unpleasant surprises.
We are therefore looking for volunteers to help us out.

It is an easy and fast job (less than half an hour per week). We will share the modules (objects, batches of objects, common NPCs, special NPCs, generic parts …) and it will suffice for each one to follow the indications recorded in a test notebook (ex: create an object, then validate it , then view it).

This is your opportunity to lend a hand at a lower cost, so do not hesitate to offer your services. Even those who follow us for information can volunteer. We need all the goodwill. To quickly talk about the update, here is some info:

  • in figures it gives 300 re-released files, 50 deleted files, more than 150 SQL commands to execute. – techno side we now use the Smarty template engine for the public part as well as for the game interface and the blog. Among the multiple benefits of this solution, it allows you to manage dedicated displays for mobile phones and for the visually impaired. By the way we took the opportunity to make an English version of the public part (if there are volunteers for translations elsewhere, don’t hesitate!)
  • on the database side, we simplified and reorganized the model in order to facilitate future developments.
  • finally on the functional side, we also tried to simplify things.
    However, there have also been some advances. Several bugs and improvements requested by Xys have been made and the PC file is on the right track. It remains to manage the card of the adventurer which is a little particular since we can choose the attributes, skills and knowledge of his choice.

We hope many of you will answer this call!
Thanks in advance.
Posted on 06/21/2011 by Xys




Like what a good old news can sometimes unlock situations. Barely my last message posted, a developer came to offer us his help. Chance or coincidence, whatever. Still, we needed a little support. And here it comes in the person of Cronycs, who seems to have all the qualities required to support our war effort.

Hopefully it makes a few others want to join us and the elders to let go of their personal concerns (and obviously accessories;) to help revive the somewhat drowsy machine.

In any case me it will force me at least to move my buttocks to prepare tasks for our new teammate. And I hope to seriously get back to the code and complete this big update which is just waiting for a few days of investment.

Let’s stay the course comrades!Posted 07/05/2011 by Pierrick


Eleckase’s Encyclopedia

Following an important update of the Eleckase encyclopedia (wiki), both in its technical aspect and for its content (additions and / or modifications of more than 400 pages, access control, improvement of the FAQ with a reserved part to GMs, revision of the home page as well as that reserved for the team), we take this opportunity to present you a little interest and the use that the player can make of the Eleckase encyclopedia During the game, the player wants to know more about a village called: Moulin de la roche. He can ask a question to a character he will have in front of him.
In the case of an NPC (non-player character), he will give him a relatively simple answer, however it will be another exploitable information (technically, this information presents in a base with on one side linked answers to the adventure and the other of a general nature permanently available; it is the “status” of the PC which allows him to answer a question specific to the adventure he is currently experiencing).
In the case of a character played by another player or by a GM, this one will naturally answer him what he wants.

The player, however, has another source of information, the Eleckase Encyclopedia.
If the desired information is accessible to him (for obvious reasons which it is useless to address here), he may at any time during the game, but also outside of the latter, have access to further information about this village.

We will naturally not say to the player: a ferocious dog is trapped in the basement of the large farm located north of the village!
However, he can learn more about the history of the village, its configuration or what do I know.
Thus, a greater knowledge of the world of Eléckasë will be acquired little by little by the player… or not, free to him 😉

Updates (by the way)

As we had five minutes and we wanted to change our minds, we just updated the encyclopedia (under dokuwiki) and the forum (under Phorum). Main advantage for our visitors, now the forum is in French.

For the rest we have to improve the template of the encyclopedia so that it sticks to the rest of the site. One more task on our long list! :)Posted on 07/17/2011 by Pierrick

Posted 19/07/2011 by Xys


Is It Really Just a Legend?

Difficult to answer this question, however, I will tell you the story as I know it, the one that is most widespread on Eléckasë; is this the real thing? No one would be able to affirm this without falling into dishonor on not wanting to accept other versions than their own, but you are free to do as you see fit!

A new Champion is therefore born, here is little, and if it is naturally still too early to measure the effect on the precarious balance of the world in which we live, it is sleep and already futile to refute that future change is inevitable.
Her mother, whose name is unknown, would be a signet of Kraan, she would be one of the famous instructresses of this order and her reputation for gentleness in delicate iron hands would be only very far from reality.

As for his father, he would for many be Chaos himself!
Which is clearly impossible knowing who his mother is. No, the most likely is that his father is a follower of Chaos, and many leads lead us to a deeply evil mage, a hermit by nature, he remained close to an abyss whose name would be something like: “codeline” or “linedecode”.

What is perhaps the strangest with this young Champion is that even his name is already open to discussion. Antoine, seems to be the name that attracts the most votes, however another also very widespread is that of Pierrickinho!
Anyway, this Champion in the prime of life is going to have an extraordinary life, and let us not doubt that he will be deeply loved.

Xiva, official peddler of Bor d’o

ps: Any resemblance to facts of our reality is voluntary and assumed ;-)Posted 06/09/2011 by Xys


News Updates

Welcome to Eléckasë-online!

Since its birth, video games have constantly exploited the concept of role-playing. It was done with more or less success and loyalty. And if, today, we have arrived at a great graphic quality, it is the spirit of the game that was lost along the way.

Too often the scenarios of MMORPGs boil down to hammering furiously from the monster to gain experience and wealth. But role-playing is not that (well, not only). It is above all to benefit from a rich universe where one can live exciting and scripted adventures.

This is why we decided to reverse the trend by showing that with a little imagination and work, it is possible to transpose the richness of role-playing on the internet.

After six years of progressive implementation, we are reaching our goal and are now developing the beta version. But to achieve this we still need your encouragement and advice! So do not hesitate to test the alpha version currently online and give your opinion on what you would like to see in a role-playing game worthy of the name.

Latest posts on our blog

News: The awakening of a force?

It has been itching for several months, even now a few years. We have done a lot of work on the project and many have believed in our chances. We have learned from our mistakes and can now look forward to a fresh start.

Our goal has not changed: to create a real role-playing system.

The method is reviewed: drafting of complete specifications before the start of construction; development and design entrusted to professionals.

Target: first version published in August 2017.posted on 7/02/2017 at 3:12 p.m. Pierrick

News: The come back

Hello faithful readers of Eléckasë news!

I imagine you are few after long months of radio silence on our part. What do you want, family and professional obligations become more numerous over time. This is how ! You have to deal with and continue to believe in your projects (as excessive as they are)!

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that starting next week we’re back to work for good. So of course you will not see the effects immediately but we can hope that by the end of the summer we will have good surprises for you to discover.

Nothing more for the moment but stay online. Soon you will know;)posted on 07/03/2012 at 2:21 p.m. Pierrick