Board Games to PC – A Modern Upgrade

The entire world has been stuck at home recently due to Covid-19. While this has been a difficult experience for everyone, some have had the opportunity to reconnect to things our busy lives would not allow time for. Some people have started having dinner together as a family. Others have taken up learning a new skill or an old hobby. Many of us have found ourselves with nothing but time lately. And as we cycle through one activity or another to occupy ourselves with this sudden windfall of time, one activity has helped many people stay connected with friends and family in this time of limited outside contact: board games you can now play on PC.

Who doesn’t love a board game? I have fond memories of every Thanksgiving sitting around the dining room table with all the cousins playing monopoly. My cousin Jacob snatching up every property immediately and building houses just to have to mortgage them later for lack of capital. Cousin Rose ending up in jail constantly, which ended up being a foreshadowing of her adult life. The game always ended because my sister Amelia whined to the adults that everyone was cheating, when we all knew she was the only one who cheated. Maybe you have similar childhood memories, or perhaps memories that are less dysfunctional. Regardless, you likely have one board game that you enjoyed in childhood.

So, how do you get together with your loved ones for a board game in quarantine? Those with you, you can play the conventional way. Just pull the game off the shelf, blow the dust off, and set everything up. But you know that one of the kids will end up with the pieces in their mouth. Do we really want to encourage more germs right now, in the time of Covid-19? Or, how do you play with those not in your household? Sure, you could set the board up in front of the computer camera and make the moves they ask you to over zoom. But we live in a digital age. There is a better solution. May popular board games are available to play on the PC. This solves both the problem of germy toddlers and distant relations! You can play the board games with these you are sharing quarantine with or with others due to the magic of the internet.

If you are not computer savvy, you might be confused as to where to start if you wanted to play a board game with the family. You can play on several different devices, such as your PC, cellphone, or over many consoles such as Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo. For the purposes of our discussion, we are only going to explore the PC. The most common methods to access the games are to buy a disc and install the game or download the game directly from the internet. Both methods have their pros and cons, but going online and downloading the game is the method of instant gratification and the one most would go with. There are services that make this process easy, such as STEAM. With a few clicks and a credit card you can start playing a large variety of games, board games included! You might even find that you can purchase the games and their expansions for a much cheaper price than you can getting the table top copy.

Your next question may be, is the game I want even available on PC? Well, the response is that your typical childhood board games are probably available. Major companies have made digital adaptations of their games for years! For instance, I had a copy of Monopoly I used to play on the original Nintendo! The standard childhood board games can even be found sold in groups, such as Hasbro’s Family Game Night editions, which include multiple popular titles. Some of the more indie games that have become popular over the years can also be found in a digital format, such as Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan. The advantage to buying these games digitally is the same as buying the games themselves digitally. Instead of having several extra boxes for each expansion of a game, you simply download them.

In this digital age, do you really want to pull a dusty box down from a closet when it’s time to own Boardwalk and Park Place? Do you want to have to store your entire collection of games in cardboard boxes? Or worse, touch game pieces during a pandemic? Our entire society is concentrating on reducing the spread of germs. Board games that you play over the PC help you to not only stop the spread of germs but also stay close to those near and far.