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The Eleckase Project

Originally designed in French for a wide online RPG gaming community, Eleckase exists only in book form. This website is here to immortalize Eleckase in English. Much of the content here was originally written in French and translated to English and comes from the original project.

Please enjoy the archives of this fascinating game.

Eleckasë-online is a project which aims to immerse the player in a living, rich and “coherent” world.

The fantastic medieval universe that has been chosen has all the qualities to meet the expectations of fans of the genre, it is up to us to win our bet by making a game system that meets our expectations.

To achieve this, we are counting on IT development that emphasizes interaction and validates simple physical rules such as the impossibility of placing a halberd in a backpack. To complete it all, the work of our writers is guided by the concern for a certain historical coherence, in clothing, armaments and life in the Middle Ages in general.

Join us!

Eléckasë-online is a project created by amateurs. It needs your contributions to develop and evolve.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Simply by playing (and bringing your ideas and comments).